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Welcome to Overspray USA of Texas.  We are considered one of the premier overspray companies in the business.  We manage overspray claims in and out of the USA and our international service has never been unable to remove any type of overspray damage from a vehicle in over 24 years.  We  specialize in the removal of Protective Marine Coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam insulation in the form of overspray damage to vehicles.   As opposed to other overspray companies, we charge a flat rate of $150-$400 per vehicle.  There is also a cut rate price for larger groups of vehicles.  The only thing that will affect the price is the severity of the overspray itself.  Location is not a factor unless it's a very small number of vehicles that have overspray damage because of the expenses necessary for traveling.  We also apply an excellent car sealant called "Quantum" which has a five year warranty on every unit repaired at no cost.   It is our belief that every piece of the vehicle should be repaired, which includes any pre-existing damage.   This is our part of helping the customer protect their investment.

 We polish every vehicle to remove any scratches or oxidation from the paint before applying the sealant product.  This insures a longer lasting lifetime for the sealant.  In doing so, we restore the vehicle's paint leaving it in better condition than it was previous to the overspray damage.    All the paint, glass, trim, and molding pieces are repaired which is demonstrated in our trim and molding video.  We only use the finest products made such as Automagic, 3M, and Meguiars.  These products have been tested and proven on millions of vehicles over the years.  Warning:  never let anyone or any overspray company use a product that they made themselves.  If they can't provide you with an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), that means the product has never been tested for safety.  Some companies will resort to using Linseed Oil or Denatured alcohol in order to try to dissolve the overspray that cannot be removed by using the clay bar.  These are flammable and hazardous products which will damage your vehicle's paint.  We have a standard one million dollar insurance policy allowing us to work on any vehicle or location.


Overspray USA of Texas is often called when the local detail shop, body shop, or another overspray company is unable to complete the job.  For example, the 2012 black Volkswagon Jetta in the video below was damaged by a local detail shop.  You will notice in the video that we never mention names of any overspray company or detail shop.  We would never down grade another company to further our own.  We take geat pride in the fact that unlike other companies we use machinery to restore every piece of a vehicle.   Before any repairs begin, every vehicle has to be inspected and video taped while owner is present.  This is for the owner's protection and for insurance purposes.  Everyone is more than welcome to observe our cleaning process at any job location.  We are the only company in the world that has demonstration videos of us removing severe overspray damage in the form of Protective Marine Coatings.  Our videos are the highest listed and very easy to find, just google "paint overspray removal company" then hit videos.

 Overspray USA of Texas is the only company that can honestly offer the kinds of services seen in our videos.  One of the reasons for this is over two decades of using machinery to restore auto paint.   Therefore, we do not have to use harsh methods such as compounds, solvents, or wet-sanding which diminishes and damages the clear-coat.  Another reason for our unmatched services is, owners of overspray companies cannot control how their employees and contractors conduct their services since they are not present on job sites.  Companies that hire employees simply do not pay them enough compared to what is being charged per vehicle.  Once the job is turned over to the contractor, he is responsible for insuring the job, paying all the expenses, and performing the job.  This simply means that they are in a rush to finish the project to save on expenses.  Go to our Facebook site and view over 250 photos and videos of vintage muscle cars from the Pontiac Club of America and others that we have removed overspray from, valued at over $45,000,000.  We have signed releases for every vehicle and recommendations from the Pontiac Club of America.   None of the work seen in our videos has ever been duplicated by another company or individual.